Helping Your Little One Talk: Easy Steps to Boost Communication in Preschoolers with Autism

communication parenting with aba Jan 02, 2024
The Behavior Place Manding

Parenting a preschooler with autism has its own set of adventures, especially when it comes to communication. Getting your little one to express their needs and wants can be tricky, but fear not! In this blog post, we'll dive into a cool technique called "manding" to amp up your kiddo's communication skills. Manding is just a fancy term for helping your child ask for stuff. Let's break it down into simple, doable steps.

Step 1: Spot the Need/Want

First things first – figure out what your kiddo is after. Since our little ones might not always shout out their wishes, keep an eye on their actions and expressions. Is that reaching for the cookie jar a hint they want a cookie? You got it!

Step 2: Give a Little Nudge

Now that you know what they want, give them a hand in asking for it. Use easy words, gestures, or even pictures to guide them. If it's a car they're eyeing, you could say, “Car." Be patient, give them time to catch on, and let the communication party begin.

Step 3: Deliver the Goods

When they manage to ask for that cookie or toy, jackpot! Quickly hand it over. The idea is to connect their words with the awesome stuff they want. Positive reinforcement is the name of the game, and it makes the link between talking and getting what they desire super strong.

Step 4: Slowly Ditch the Prompts

As your little chatterbox gets better at this talking thing, you can start phasing out the hints. Use fewer words or gestures, letting them take the lead. Keep an eye on how they're doing and tweak your approach based on what works for them. It's like teaching them to ride a bike – a bit wobbly at first, but soon they'll be cruising on their own.

Teaching your preschooler with autism to talk doesn't have to be a serious mission. With these easy steps – spotting the need/want, giving a little nudge, delivering the goods, and gradually dropping the prompts – you're on your way to turning your home into a communication playground. Every kid is different, so celebrate the wins, big or small. Stay patient, keep the vibes positive, and watch your little one become a communication superstar!


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